INIG April 2017 Newsletter (pdf)



  • Letter from the President
  • Letter to the Editor
  • INIG General Meeting Keynote Speaker: Isolde Daiski – Spaces and Places: Uncovering Homelessness in Peel Region
  • Experiences from the International Conference on Impact of Global Issues on Women and Children hosted by Manipal University, India
  • Global Perspectives in Nursing: Córdoba, Argentina

INIG January 2016 Newsletter (pdf)


  • Health education development in Senegal
  • Letter from the editor
  • Holiday donations to Native Women’s Resouce Centre
  • INIG‘s Disaster Preparedness workshop
  • Clean water project in Kenya
  • Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) refugee mental health project
  • The advanced practice nursing role in the region of the Americas



INIG July August 2015 Newsletter (pdf)


  • Letter from the President
  • Nurse Training in Bangladesh
  • Digging deep with rapid-fire debate to uncover global health nursing issues
  • Advanced Practice Nursing role in the Americas
  • Opportunities


INIG November 2014 Newsletter (pdf)


  • Message from the President, Basanti Majumdar
  • INIG’s first student workshop: Students Becoming Global Citizens: Let’s Talk
  • Ebola Update
  • Health-care cuts to refugees
  • Possible Proposal for Afghanistan
  • These are the experiences of two forth-year nursing students from McMaster University, Lori Martin and Kendra Plett

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