Terms of Reference


a. The name of the Interest Group shall be the International Nursing Interest Group (INIG).

a. The Group shall be an Interest Group of the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario. The terms of reference, policies, and activities of the Group shall not contravene the most current By-laws and Policies and Procedures of the RNAO.
b. The Group may, by a majority vote with notice given as specified in the terms of reference become affiliated with a national or international counterpart organization whose objects are similar to the objects of the Group, provided that the by-laws and policies and procedures of the RNAO shall have precedence over the terms of reference and policies of the counterpart organization.
c. All actions of the Group will follow the most current Bylaws and Policies and Procedures already established by RNAO Home Office.

The Mission of the group shall be:
a. To promote universally accessible, affordable and equitable health care for all.
b. To create growth, understanding and collaboration on international issues that impact nurses.
The Vision of the Group shall be:
a. To increase awareness of local national and international issues
b. To advocate and promote positive changes affecting health
c. To network with nurses at local, national, and international levels.
The Objectives of the Group shall be:
a. To provide opportunities for members to exchange ideas and information concerning health care and Nursing issues in the context of international health experiences.
b. To provide and promote educational opportunities for nurses related to international health issues.
c. To increase awareness of developments and issues in primary and preventative health care (WHO, definition of 1978).
d. To network with similar groups locally, nationally, and internationally to increase awareness of transcultural/international experiences.
e. To provide a forum for nurses to examine Ontario’s health care system, comparing and contrasting it to other health care systems locally, nationally and internationally.
f. To disseminate information about RNAO and facilitate dialogue between the professional association and International Nursing Interest Group.
g. To promote social justice and equity to all people (providers or recipients of health care).

a. Regular members of INIG shall be members of RNAO who support the objectives of the Group and who are in good standing. Members shall be entitled to vote on any motion and to hold office.
b. A person shall become a Group member by completing an application form, payment of dues, and review of the application by RNAO.
c. “A member in good standing” shall mean a member who has paid the dues in accordance with 4.a and who was not expelled from the Group without subsequently being reinstated.

a. The annual dues for those renewing their memberships in the Group shall be payable
by November 1 each year, and if not paid at that time, the membership shall lapse.
b. The Group’s fiscal year shall be from November 1 to October 31 of the succeeding year.
c. The Group’s cheques shall be co-signed by no less than two officers. Signing authorities and alternates shall be designated by the Executive. There will be a minimum of three (3) signatories on file for the purposes of conducting the financial actions of the Group.
d. The Executive Committee shall conduct the affairs of INIG between General Meetings and may authorize expenses within the INIG’s annual budget, as approved, during the preceding AGM. Exceeding the total expenditures as specified in the Annual budget shall require the committee’s membership’s approval, by a majority of vote.

a. The Executive Network Officers of the Group shall include the following: the President/Chair, Immediate-Past President/Chair (who will mentor the current President/Chair for one year) alternating years with the President/Chair –Elect, Communication ENO, Finance ENO, Policy and Political Action ENO, Membership ENO, IT and Social Media ENO, and Student Liaison. The Executive Committee will comprise of these ENOs.
b. Only members shall be eligible to serve on the Executive. Offices may not be combined and one person shall carry no more than one vote.
c. The Executive shall hold at least four (4) Regular Executive meetings per year, to be called by the Chair (President). A Special Executive Meeting may be called by the Chair and shall be called if three (3) or more officers request it. Executive meetings may be held by teleconference calls or Skype, provided that a quorum shall take part in such conference calls.
d. The quorum for Executive meetings shall be a majority of the officers then in place, provided that at any event the quorum shall be no less than three (3).
e. The officers shall serve for the specified terms of office or until their successors are elected. The terms of office shall be two (2) years.
f. A member may not hold the same office for more than two (2) consecutive terms, nor may a member serve as an officer for more than four (4) consecutive terms, except that these restrictions may be lifted by a 2/3 vote during a General Meeting, such suspension applying only to a specific officer and only to a specific election. Filling a vacancy in office for more than 3/4 of a term shall count as serving a full term.
g. If a vacancy on the Executive Committee occurs during an elected term of office, the Executive Committee shall appoint a member of the Interest Group to the vacated office for the remainder of the designated term.

a. The Executive Committee will function as the Nominations Committee.

a. An Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the membership shall be held in the Spring in conjunction with the RNAO Annual General Meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to receive reports from officers and committees and for any other business that may arise including elections of new officers. A second general members meeting may be held in the Fall at the discretion of the Executive Committee.
Additional meetings of the membership may be held at the discretion of the Executive Committee.
b. Motions will be voted upon at the AGM and additional meetings.
c. A quorum at each General Meeting shall be the number of members present. A minimum of ten (10) members is required. Voting will be deferred if members are less than the number of Executives present.

a. All nominations for a term position on the Executive Committee shall be submitted through a nomination form, to be made available two (2) months prior to voting at the AGM in the spring.
b. All nominations will be accepted prior to the AGM and accepted from the floor up to the time voting shall commence for the executive network officers during the AGM’s business meeting.
c. All voting for Executive Network Officers shall be done through secret ballot, as to respect the anonymity of those voting. (Any other items requiring a vote of members will be done by a show of hands (i.e. Budget Approval, Acceptance of Reports i.e. Financial Report etc.).
d. Ballots will be destroyed at the end of the meeting.

a. Amendments shall be made to these terms of reference 30 days before for acceptance at the Annual General Meeting.

Reviewed: March 1998
Reviewed & edited January 2015
Last Revised, April 18th 2015
Accepted May 23rd 2015, Moved by Kamala P. Ford, Seconded by Michael Rix

Executive Committee Position GUIDELINES
In addition to those duties described in the INIG Terms of Reference and in keeping with the RNAO Leadership Manual:

The President / Chair shall:
i. Act as chairperson at all meetings of the INIG Executive Committee and at the INIG Annual General Meeting – be responsible for the agenda, any changes made to it and any new business arising.
ii. Represent the INIG at the all RNAO Assembly Meetings (or assign a designate as necessary).
iii. Present an annual report at the INIG AGM.
iv. Support and provide guidance to the chairs of the INIG committees.
v. Represent, or assign a delegate, on official business and at local or international affairs.
vi. Plan and coordinate arrangements for the INIG Annual General Meeting.
vii. Will be one of the signatories on file for the Group

The Immediate-Past President/Chair or President/Chair-Elect
i. Support and assist the President with his/her duties.
ii. Coordinate the nomination process and conduct the election of officers at the AGM.

The ENO of Communications shall:
i. Act as Secretary to the Executive Committee.
ii. Liaise with the RNAO Director of Communications, as necessary.
iii. Be one of the signatories on file for the Group
iv. Attends the Spring Assembly if applicable.

The ENO of Finance shall:
i. Acts as Treasurer to the Executive Committee.
ii. Place funds in a bank and invest as directed by the Executive Committee.
iii. Send a financial statement and copy of audit to the Association’s office on an annual basis at fiscal yearend. (October 31).
iv. Report, at the request of the chairperson, the state of finances.
v. Provide regular reports and as requested.
vi. Liaise with the RNAO Director of Finance and Administration, as necessary.
vii. Be one of the three signatories for the Group.

The ENO of Membership:
i. Liaise with RNAO Director of Membership as necessary.
ii. Maintain the current list of members of the INIG; and keep confidential all contact information.
iii. Responds to membership enquiries.
iv. Compile and keep available the records of members’ areas of interest/expertise, as available.
v. Participates in recruitment of new members and processing new membership applications.
vii. Attends the Fall Assembly if applicable.

The ENO of Policy and Political Action shall:
i. Inform INIG members of socio-political issues that affect Nursing and Health with respect to Mission, Vision and values of the Group.
ii. Liaise with RNAO, Director of Policy & Practice/Political Action.
iii. Network and liaise with professional nursing partners (College of Nurses, CNA), other allied health groups, government and the public at large.
iv. Represent INIG on RNAO Policy & Practice Committee as requested.
v. Keep abreast of socio-political issues and legislative changes, policies or standards that have implications and impact for Nursing profession, practice and health care.
vi. Work with RNAO Home Office Team re attendance on Queen’s Park and Take your MPP to work days.

ENO Student Liaison shall:
i. Liaise with Nursing Students Interest (NSO) Group and other students.
ii. Liaise with educational institutions (universities, colleges) to keep INIG abreast of educational needs of students.
iii. Make recommendations to Provincial Nurse Educators Interest Group (PNEIG) and INIG regarding education for nursing students.
iv. Network with International Educated Nurses (IEN) nursing students regarding current issues and in keeping with the Mission, Values and Objectives of the Group

ENO IT & Social Media shall:
i. Collect, edit and coordinate articles from members for the newsletter.
ii. Be responsible for publishing and distributing the newsletter with support from the other INIG ENOs.
iii. Carry out other duties applicable to the role as determined by the Executive.

Created: June 1998
Approved: 03 September 1998
Last Revised April 18, 2015.
Accepted May 23rd 2015, Moved by Kamala P. Ford, Seconded by Michael Rix